Spiritual Formation is a path to peace, within and without. With eyes to see all life as spiritual embodiment, formation encourages a lifelong journey inward. Along this intentional, guided path, a seeker matures and develops an active interior life, nourished by experience, guided by rhythm, formed by spiritual posture and practice.

Spiritual Formation is experiential; by experiencing life through all the senses of the body, our spirits are open to the oneness of all living things and to the wholeness at the heart of creation.

For thousands of years, across cultures, creeds and countries, the spiritual life has been explored and expressed through various traditions. We encourage you to explore them widely.

Here at Pace, we embrace a number of spiritual practices with a Christian focus. Pace draws in particular from the centuries old thought and practices of Saint Francis of Assisi. Check out our Virtues, Values and Vision for how we seek to live this in practice.

The elements of our Pace Rhythm of Life can be found here.

Spiritual Formation has for centuries followed a three part process. This approach provides space for a seeker to enquire and explore without pressure or expectation, to have the time to find one’s own spiritual voice. Becoming a Pace Companion is to take up your place in a millennia old tradition of spiritual seekers alongside loving, likeminded friends in a community of peace and prayer.

Here at Pace, Spiritual Formation mirrors this well worn path: